The Mustang Club of Maryland (MCOM) isn’t one of those stuffy old clubs that rarely meets and doesn’t do much. In fact, it is just the opposite. Not only do we have our official club meetings the first Wednesday of every month, we typically have one to three different events a month for you to enjoy.

Members of the club enjoy lively discussions on our message board and in person. We also tend to run into each other (not literally) on the road and have some fun there too. Ever wonder which Mustangs in your neighborhood belong to the club? Well, Mustang Club of Maryland license plates are now available. If you’d like a set (or multiple sets) for your car(s), simply contact one of the club officers to get an application. Fill out the application and mail it to the MVA. You should have your tags soon thereafter!

These beautiful three-color tags can be yours for a one-time fee of $25 per set. (The normal annual fee still applies)

Other benefits of the Mustang Club include:

  • You will receive our monthly newsletter, “The Stampede”
  • You will receive a M.C.O.M. window sticker
  • You will receive members-only access to archive areas of the MCOM website
  • You will receive unlimited access to the MCOM forum group
  • You will have a vote with regard to all membership-shared club business and decisions
  • You will be welcome to attend MCOM general membership meetings
  • You will enjoy discounted entry fees to MCOM-sponsored car shows
  • You will be able to order MCOM license plates from the MVA
  • You will be welcome to all MCOM-sponsored events, such as dinners, parties, tech sessions, cruises, etc.
  • And, best of all – you’ll enjoy the support structure that comes with membership in a social organization with a like interest and focus. Chances are, there are members that will have experience in whatever project you might be undertaking!

So stop wondering if you should do it and join now!

You can also mail payment to:

P.O. Box 72
Reisterstown, MD, 21136

MCOM Membership



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